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Why have a role called Delivery Manager. Operations management careers are varied and the rewards can be plentiful. Interesting read, thanks Emily. Personally, I prefer the Spotify approach of team Agile Coach, which i think aligns better with principles/values and sets a better expectation. on iTunes. The delivery manager is concerned with the health and happiness of the team members and how they work together. Agile isn’t just a way of developing software, it is organisational change, all members of an agile team should always be questioning if they are doing the most important thing and if they are doing it in the best way. Many technical delivery managers have a bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, computer programming, or a related field. I don’t only look at people with scrum master qualification when hiring and it saddens me that others might, as I mentioned in my reply to Victoria, I think this only helps create an industry around scrum master certifications rather than help hire the right people. Some people, however, do use Delivery Manager as a role title. I believe the mindset of servant leadership is at the heart of such a role. Agile informs the Delivery aspects of a Project in terms of the approaches, techniques and mindset used by the Delivery team members/specialists to rapidly, incrementally, and continuously deploy product features or updates, in the most efficient way possible. Implementation Technical Delivery Manager-Global Technology Solutions - Firmwide Corporate Servi... PwC - London, England. As you and some others have pointed out that Scrum Master gives an indication of a framework-specific individual as opposed to an Agile practitioner. However, it’s very tricky to manage an agile team properly, in the way Jon suggests, while being subject to ‘date first’ pressures. An enterprise coach can become an enabler for that. There may also be a need for a delivery manager to have particular technical skills or understanding of what the team is delivering. Sitting in the middle of the Venn diagram are very important skills that span all parts of the delivery manager role like coaching (individuals, the team and people outside of the team), diplomacy, leadership (including servant leadership), communication and facilitation. Broadly the delivery manager role breaks down into three main areas, these are; Agile & lean practices; Team health & happiness. Marty Cagan has noticed a trend in the US from Project Manager to Delivery Manager. Line of service internal firm services industry/sector not applicable specialism IFS - information technology (it) management level manager job description & summary a career in information technology... ziprecruiter.co.uk . the delivery support part of the role does depend on the organisation. Managing digital services beyond the exemplars – Cain > Able, https://www.dto.gov.au/blog/so-what-does-a-delivery-manager-do/, http://emilywebber.co.uk/what-is-an-agile-delivery-manager/#comment-47982, Making the change from product to delivery management - Defra digital, Making the change from project to delivery management - Defra digital, Introducing our first Head of Delivery, Clare Young – dxw | Public Sector Blogs, Agile delivery manager: some links that helped me. It also means really good Scrum Masters may not apply for that role. Let’s try: The delivery manager may challenge existing processes and work with people outside the team to update them if they are slowing the team down or not adding the most value for everyone. Agile teams need coaching, facilitation and enablement. ‘Delivery Managers are not Project Managers’ should be a very clear message to all, backed with some education on why not and some ideas as to how boards and committees could be more helpful in treating DMs in ways more likely to engender the right behaviours with their teams. This is why GDS did not have delivery managers on top of scrum masters. In my opinion, I see this as a facilitator role that helps especially well with organisations that are still in that transition phase from the traditional project delivery methods or have an element within their business that’s not software astute. Recruiting in the last 24months has been a nightmare. you clearly have some pent up aggression that you have decided to unleash on me. Does that really help making a better look on “Delivery Managers”? There are too many problems created by that approach to go into here. The popularity of agile on CVs only goes to show the adoption of agile, people are trying to cover their bases when they look for work. I don’t have an issue with the job title (“Scrum Master”) in and of itself. The role is a one of a servant leader, they keep pace with the introduction of relevant agile / lean tools and techniques. The delivery manager is the person on the team who leads on agile and lean practices. The Agile principles sit outside of Scrum. Further, in the public sector, you can’t afford to have a lax attitude towards delivery as you are dealing with taxpayer money. most new scrum masters won’t have experience of initiating a project, building a team, going through discovery and getting a service live. Technical Manager … e.g. Hope you enjoy the book! I thought it was evident when I said we could discuss it but I also understand you could decide to discuss it in public. Thanks for your comment, there are some great clarification points in here. I have just given the most popular post on my blog “Explaining the role of a Delivery Manager” a refresh… https://t.co/qLuNgbDGoU. What does a Technical Delivery Manager do? A nice and relevant post from Yiannis Godfrey who is at the Australian government digital service went up today: https://www.dto.gov.au/blog/so-what-does-a-delivery-manager-do/. There tends to be a problem team level coaches/ Scrum Masters fall into when they lack the influence needed for coaching senior management and can’t effect the change needed to gain it. It was totally my fault as I misinterpreted what I read but that doesn’t excuse the fact that even with that I did not do my best to make sure that I write a non-attacking comment, even more when I was criticising what I believed to be an attack to Scrum Masters in general. This person would naturally posses the training and capacity to also fulfil the Scrum Master role, and facilitate Scrum ceremonies, stand ups etc, as required. The importance of having a service delivery manager is to make sure all customers and clients receive the same services and treatments across the board. A technical manager meets with his senior management regularly and gives them his monthly and annual reports, which include his team's performance, budgets and project status. Delivery Managers should actively participate in the agile delivery community; sharing and re-applying skills and knowledge, and bring in best practice across the organisation and government. Technical Delivery Manager in Ann Arbor, MI. They do this by creating the right environment for the team to succeed, helping the team to self organise and creating a culture of learning and transparency. We’ll send you a link to a feedback form. What salary does a Technical Delivery Manager earn in your area? Technical Delivery Manager jobs. I know what I want in my head, a really good Scrum Master. He also assigns each team member specific tasks and oversees their performance. In my experience (have worked several years for a number of Government departments in the UK) I would say that an Agile Delivery Manager or better a Delivery Lead title role is more appropriate than a Scrum Master. What Does a Service Delivery Manager Do? What is a popular misconception about what technical program managers do? What was the need to diminish Scrum Masters? The disconnect here for many people is that (and not by my interpretation but by definition) Agile does “Not” imply Scrum. The enterprise coach can also provide coaches at the team level with the coaching / support / servant leadership that they need. The Agile Team Onion. The importance of having a service delivery manager is to make sure all customers and clients receive the same services and treatments across the board. I cannot go back in time and do it better but I still can recognise your good work. Delivery Manager is a corporate friendly title, there might be a need for that. I did not pretend this to be public curiously but it’s also my fault not to have stated it in the message. Please don’t spread hatred towards everyone with a particular job title on my blog. Scrum is part of Lean. – @daftagiledan, Are you ready for user research? As I’ve mentioned a couple of times here, I’m not convinced that delivery manager is right, but I understand how it came about. June 30, 2020. Broadly the delivery manager role breaks down into three main areas, these are; Agile & lean practices; Team health & happiness, and delivery support. An agile delivery type person (insert better name here) should be about building long term capability, through nurturing self organisation, increasing transparency and trust, helping navigate disfunction and conflict, and motivation through autonomy, mastery and purpose. Managing a team of developers … I’m all for meeting dates, and naming dates is an important part of organisational collaboration and planning. The problem with “Agile Project Manager”: Technical Delivery Manager Development Initiatives’ vision is a world without poverty that invests in human security and where everyone shares the benefits of opportunity and growth. Your mention about the £1K one needs to spend before becoming a Scrum Master tells me you don’t know about Scrum.org and that you took or looked into a first level Scrum Alliance course at a certain point in the past; this is also inline with the fact that you seem to believe that only experience counts for a “Delivery manager”, that new “agile” term that the government has put in vogue but doesn’t really mean anything in any agile movement out there. Agile on the Bench (meetup) By taking a look through resumes, we were able to narrow down the most common skills for a person in this position. They will encourage and motivate the team and protect them from external distractions and politics so they are able to focus on what they are best at. The term Delivery manager is sometimes used interchangeably with “scrum master” and “agile project manager” although it it not the same set of skills and responsibilities, which is why I felt I needed to write this post. So we end up wading through a ton of CVs and interviewing loads of people in order to check out their agile credentials and mindset. The description on the GDS service design manual is a good place to start and over the last few years, I have refined my thinking and the way I describe the role to others. I’m the first person at my company to get the role and your article is really helpful for me to understand what my job will entail. Show me where in the Scrum guide where it refers to a deliver manager. Hi Michael, it sounds like you have had some challenges with how the term delivery manager is used in your organisation. There may also be a need for a delivery manager to have particular technical skills or understanding of what the team is delivering. Technical Delivery Manager - Berkshire - Remote working - £75K Austin Fraser is … for co-ordinating and managing a portfolio of technical workstreams and their associated … and will be accountable for cost, quality and delivery velocity; you will be accountable … agile methodologies to maintain strong focus on delivery priorities, promote resilience … As you recommend, believe me I will take my own advice on board as I should have re-read Victoria’s comment at least twice and give some time before writing anything to you. Pattern and Yarn (knitting hats for charity). What Does a Technical Product Manager Do? At the end you state “…There is a lot more detail behind each of these areas, which I’m happy to discuss further….” I would love to see some follow up articles on this topic, or at a minimum one with a list of ways that someone like me with no training and no mentor can get up to speed. Salary is largely determined by level. It also strongly hints that it’s about Scrum, rather than any broader Agile or Lean principles which may not involve Scrum at all. We use a mixture of agile techniques at GDS, borrowing heavily from Scrum to organise teams and sprints. The delivery manager I describe, is a day to day member of the team working collaboratively with other team members and not a layer of bureaucracy over the top of a team. I don’t think CVs always give an honest picture, so some carefully worded questions to those applying should help you filter out those that aren’t being entirely honest on CVs. These are often outward facing tasks and may include things like financial tracking, hiring, stakeholder relationships (supporting the product owner), reporting to a wider organisation (particularly relevant if the organisation has not fully adopted agile yet) and anything else that no one else is doing, but is necessary to support the team’s delivering value. However….. depending on your organisation and method of applying Agile this can and will present its own hybrids, these are not really transferable unless you remain in the same organisation, and unfortunately the expectations of both roles can be somewhat frustrating when changing employers and even in some cases departments within the same organisation. It might also reinforce the wrong behaviours. The job market has changed where CV are parsed and specific words are searched thus some qualified and expereinced people are looked over because their CV may not appear near the top of the search. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. – Progress is measured using these set metrics 2. London Shop Fronts (photo blog) This describes the role of a delivery manager and the skills required, including: an introduction to the role, telling you what you would do in this role and the full list of skills One thing I did not mention was that I found your article to be very good and that was the reason for deciding to read the comments below it, …then the misunderstanding happened in my side, I f* up and never said anything about the quality of your work. A delivery manager should be encouraging that questioning as well as coaching others outside the team so everyone can work together. Communities of practice research http://www.theagilecafe.com Incorporating facilitating, coaching, training, encouraging & enabling communication etc – all those things Jon says above about the ability to build and support really strong teams. I honestly apologise, when I read it yesterday I understood you were supporting the fact that Scrum Masters found lately are “junior facilitators”. – Communication and conflict resolution in that exact way If it becomes overwhelming and takes the focus away from the other parts of the role and the team is suffering, that’s when other options could be considered. Typically, technical managers lead technological development activities. I have seen this aspect of the role supported by another person (either inside or outside of the team) where the overhead is taking the delivery manager away from Agile & lean practices and Team health & happiness. Technical Delivery Lead Corecom Consulting is seeking a Technical Delivery Lead to work … As a Technical Delivery Lead you will be responsible for the hands-on delivery of changes … You will matrix manage technical resources following traditional and agile delivery … A proven Project Manager with experience of delivering diverse and complex software, … On a day-to-day basis, a Delivery Manager might lead collaborative and planning processes, prioritising the work that needs to be done against the capacity and capability of the team. I agree the title is a difficult one, I tend not to use scrum master as it has a framework in the title (it’s like adverts for a PRINCE2 project manager), it also almost says “you must spend £1k + on a certification before you can apply, even if you’ve been doing it for years”. At this level, you may work alongside a delivery manager on a larger team, shadowing and providing support, or working to deliver an element themselves under guidance and mentorship. Report. ‘Agile Program Delivery Manager’ is my current favourite. Indeed ranks Job Ads based on a combination of employer bids and relevance, such as your search terms and other activity on Indeed. Different companies have different "roles" defined for these titles. The point I am making is, because i have not acquired some additional certificates recently does not mean I do not have the skill set to coach, mentor and manage the whole project life-cycyle through to and post implementation , yet I have been seeking a role for the last 3 months. They will know which techniques to try out when to make sure the team are getting the best out of being agile. It is also true that you could therefore be managing a project with Scrum, but not using Agile delivery principles. We use cookies to collect information about how you use GOV.UK. There is no reason to feel menace by other agile practitioners, independently on their approach to work, we should be all together. Hi Victoria, Agree with the focus on Agile but the ‘delivery support’ aspect in a non-agile organisation can be all-consuming. Technical Delivery Manager (Tech stack: Technical Delivery Manager, .NET, C#, Microsoft, Solutions Architect, Project Manager, Cloud, Azure, AWS, GCP, Technical Delivery Manager, Urgent) Our client is an award winning Microsoft consultancy.They specialise in delivering innovative technology based business solutions to investment banks and financial services companies. a prototype) your quality levels will be different from something that will go into the live environment. 2) find a mentor, this doesn’t need to be someone in your organisation and can start with having chats with a few interesting people. Two things that I would recommend to help you on your journey in your new role: I was the head of role for delivery managers at Government Digital Service (GDS) and since becoming an Agile consultant, I have helped other government departments and organisations hire and develop delivery managers. Indeed may be compensated by these employers, helping keep Indeed free for jobseekers. The manager operates within a software development … I have found myself explaining the role of delivery manager a lot over the last few weeks, so I thought I would share that description here to help others understand it. If it was developed for the GDS, then i have all the clarity i need. The way in which a Delivery Manager is “used” can vary, I have worked in Projects for a number of years, and IMHO the title is now being used incorrectly as was Business Analysts. This is part of the external coaching role that a delivery manager could take. As you mention, in a large organisation education is important, change is hard and it’s particularly hard for people outside an agile team to understand the change in ways of working if no one helps them see what it means, how it affects them and how they can benefit from it. We are re-branding ourselves as “Agilist” instead of SM b/c of the stigma associated with SM. The job description of the service delivery manager entails coordinating and directing the activities of the service delivery … Page 1 of 9,364 jobs. Salaries for Related Job Titles. Casualties of Christmas, The term delivery manager is used to describe an essential set of skills on an agile team and is, , helping the team to self organise and creating a culture of learning and transparency. scope, schedule, finance, risk, quality and resources. RT @ewebber: I have just given the most popular post on my blog “Explaining the role of a Delivery Manager” a refresh https://t.co/lfBA3Mbh…. They aren’t all “guys”. There are certain skills that many technical delivery managers have in order to accomplish their responsibilities. ADMs in my organisation just add to the bureaucracy of a team and certainly don’t add any value. We said previously that you need to have clearly defined responsibilities, but over time you will find … The delivery manager may challenge existing processes and work with people outside the team to update them if they are slowing the team down or not adding the most value for everyone. Changing language is an important part of culture change, which is why I think “Delivery manager” was first used, but as you say “manager” is a difficult word so I’m not sure it’s right. A good delivery manager will be skilled at agile and lean, they will be learning new tools all the time, know when to use them and know about current trends. I think this is a great article that contains a lot of useful nuggets when trying to understand the Delivery Manager role. To quote you “There is no reason to feel menace by other agile practitioners, independently on their approach to work, we should be all together.” – maybe you should take your own advice there. I believe that there really isn’t a one size fits all model for implementing the changes, as each company has to find what works well for them. In larger organisations, this part of the role can be substantial and may call for additional organisational coaches. As a head of delivery management you will: Don’t include personal or financial information like your National Insurance number or credit card details. Hi Emily, Delivery managers are placed under pressure to meet dates – because that’s there job, right? The Government Digital Service (GDS) in the UK use it, as do an increasing number of companies in the USA. I’m approving your long and misleading comment so that I can respond to your points as publicly as you intended them to be. Well, same here. In fact, almost all agile practices (except RUP, LeSS, SAFe and DaD) comes from Lean directly or indirectly; We’re taking about a lot here: XP, Crystal, Scrum, Lean Kanban, Lean Six-Sigma, Nexus…. They use a variety of agile and lean tools and techniques in order to help the team keep a delivery and learning cadence that helps to remain focused on delivering value against the product vision. Fortunately for me, it’s easy to demonstrate I do not think that of Delivery Managers, if I would what would be the point to indicate that I expected you to argue that doing so doesn’t give any benefit to me, that it was judgmental and unfair, etc? 129 Technical Delivery Manager Salaries provided anonymously by employees. Delivery manager is sometimes used interchangeably with “scrum master” and “agile project manager” although it it not the same set of skills and responsibilities, which is why I felt I needed to write this post. I will clarify a little for you, my use of delivery manager in this post is not as well as a scrum master, it covers and expands on that role, whilst being framework agnostic.

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