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I do not know if you are getting your information simply from other posted articles or not…but it is once again not the case. Do you recall a clone called “Arnie’s Own” several years ago? and its fitted perfectly to you,(from your pro’s stats) everyone looks at my clubs, and get really impressed by the beauty,..and they play very good. For the beginner or high HC golfer, I highly recommend a good set of clones. The quality is excelent and the ability to get custom fit with these products is great. The uninformed, the newbie, the consumer who is jealous of the success of OEMs and their need to earn profits. Do a couple of irons too, test a 9, 7 and 5 iron from 4 or 5 different popular clones and their OEM twin. THIS IS A FACT. If golfers were in the world of buying by results club sales would shrink to almost zero. They both feature “dual-crown” technology, and of course, a lower center of gravity for higher launch, and lower spin. Where are you going to get something for that? LOT OF 2 GOLF CLUBS: SNAKE EYES QUICK STRIKE II, 19 deg. And also just so you know OEM’s have almost always tried to prevent foundries from doing clone products at the same foundries…but it happens everyday. Someone else designed it, so they’re going to laser copy it, skip the R&D, use cheaper material, spend nothing on advertising the new design, and take money from a certain consumer segment. SOURCES But with confusingly or substantially similar knockoffs, the line between legality and patent or trademark infringement is often fuzzy and is subject to legal challenge and interpretation. Before posting this article I re-confirmed with 3 foundries that they do indeed make them for both markets still. Snake Eyes golf equipment at GlobalGolf.com golf store. Accuracy When it comes to accuracy the results are less cut and dry. The only one that was weird was the DTG Turner True Speed Ablaze… its tolerance was 3g (standard for all drivers), but it weighed in 3.7g over. Are there clones that are made with poor quality…YES. Vulcan Golf. But the same thing can be said about some of the name brand models as well. E.M. Snake Eyes Mens Concho Golf Clubs Belt The Snake Eyes Mens Concho Golf Clubs Belt is made of genuine leather with brushed nickel hardware and the belt is 30mm wide. Can’t find a reference when I Google it. He was trained by Ralph Malby who started Golfworks. The grib and weight had to translate into a mental file. 1-16 of 25 results for Sports & Outdoors: Golf: Golf Clubs: Snake Eyes. The right wedge can make a big difference, so check out the selection of used Snake Eyes Wedges online at 2ndswing.com. I had a few years where I didn’t play, but now that I am single digits HC I am going to spend the money for NameBrand clubs. ... Utry ® gives you the freedom to take Golf Clubs, GPS or Rangefinders to your course and to use at your pace! Of course the currently have their hands and funds fully committed going after Counterfeit Clubs. For all 3 testers, the TaylorMade Burner produced measurably higher clubhead speeds than the clone. The connections between CLones and Counterfeits have been made. The point of his article, as with any good marketing person, the tolerances of his product offerings were much tighter than the competition. Spin While many manufacturers are promoting less spin off the driver, the truth of the matter is that the distance equation is far more complex than less spin = more yards. WRX Club Techs Golf Sims/GPS/RFs/Apps Putters Golf Style and Accessories The Club House . It has become rampant and that is why ACUSHNET (TITLEIST/COBRAS), ADAMS, CALLAWAY, CLEVELAND, PING, and TAYLORMADE are part of and formed the U.S. . A lot of research goes into the wood and as Frank Thomas once said, a 3 yr old Wood is obsolete with the technology of today. You also probably wouldn’t have the balls to show up at the course with them in your bag… after all someone may poke fun at you. The quality is excelent and the ability to get custom fit with these products is great. I’m not a big fan of clones or knock-offs. Almost every golfer has an opinion about the topic when asked…so we felt it would make for a great “labs” article. I think the easiest way to decide is level of ur game vs. level of ur income. 3d 10h 5m 20s. These companies and others (Alpha, GeekGolf, KZG, etc) have very high quality, custom designed components that are just as good and in many cases better than the name brand manufactures. Of course, it’s completely fine for you to voice your opinion, but you should not be critizing other’s product decisions. Titleist Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Who is going to take those remarks seriously? SWIFT) Make yourself aware. I think there is some difference there and wasn’t too happy with a couple of clone drivers I’ve purchased in the past which couldn’t match the performance of a 10+ year old Orlimar driver. ). so just pick the better heads, I think they do a good job building, but you might want to get the parts and find a builder (like the pro you got fitting) and get maybe a meticous build, swing weight matched closer maybe,.but for most, the low price is based partly on supplying work for their shop too…And don’t just buy for looks,..get the stats, and match the right components for the performance you really want. TRUST ME: It is the BEST stuff out there!!!! The clone guys will tell you that the name brand stuff is overpriced and doesn’t perform any better than the OEM stuff they were designed to look like. Of course, golf clubs are about more than performance. I had back surgery with only partical success and will be playing limited golf so I would like to buy a good quality ( as close to OEM as possible) non OEM set of irons and have them custom fit. Snake Eyes Golf Clubs. It states that Tom Wishon actually designed the first titanium driver head in the early ninety’s way before any OEM had one on the market. . Some of you that shout the accolades of name brand clubs and tell everyone else the pitfalls of playing clones… you probably never hit a quality clone before. Other golfing enthusiasts also value the Snake Eye 600MB for being one of the top 3 cleanest looking blade irons for its club-face center and how it allows for favorable heel center hits. The top-tier which has a larger capacity and better quality makes the top brand names. If you agree that Counterfeit Clubs and Copies are Illegal, does it not then bother you that even though Knock-Offs/Clones are currently Legal, they are still made by the same factories in China? Snake eye golf clubs irons 3-9 ! Cash on collection from Ilford , no time wasters, don't hesitate to contact me with any questions A few reputable clone companies online get their product made at the same foundry that a few large name brand companies get their gear made. Counterfeits and Clones – from the same cloth !1 I have saved myself a ton of money building the clubs myself! The company Golfsmith makes them today. For example it will look identical to the name brand model and even have the same name (ex: Taylormade R11 will be on both soles and look identical). After school he would make cold calls for his father, Ren-Jei (R.J.) Liou, asking pro shops and discount stores if they wanted to order from his line of clubs. My perception of what I see around me is that golfers fall into two categories. There is no substitute for having a good swing and practicing the right stuff. Looked at the Hireko acer xds iron heads and they looked pleasing to eye, decent finish, the right off set.Need to have a 6 iron built up and hit it. Well.i found the clone world years ago,.and love em. £29.74 postage. In my experience, an average length hitter who hits very accurately will beat a long hitter with low accuracy, almost every time out. I have purchased components from Golfsmith, Golfworks, Hireko and Diamond Tour Golf to name a few. Snake Eyes Python OS 9,8,P,S Regular Flex Steel Shaft Left … I’m a 9 handicap and own a set of clone irons I bought from Diamond Tour last year, Taylormade Speedblade knock offs. The private placement helped fund the acquisitions of Lynx Golf Inc., Black Rock Golf Corp. (maker of Killer Bee golf clubs) and Snake Eyes Golf Clubs Inc. If however, you place a premium on accuracy, though not as conclusive, there is some suggestion that the clone could be the more accurate of the two heads. Written by L Mayhew 2007 ©. So, of all the clubs I’ve ever owned, one club was .7g past tolerance. Our partner's complete bag is Snake Eyes components built by the SIL... driver, fairways, irons, wedges, putter. I would like to purchase clone component heads from China but I am skeptical because I have no knowledge of which companies to trust. . 4.8 out of 5 stars 117. Today is the ultimate test: Clone Golf Clubs (vs) Name Brand Golf Clubs. For actual testing we used the same protocols we use for our ULTIMATE Reviews. TaylorMade gets credit for the original design. Of course, this is my individual experience. Actually, Steve, Tom Wishon has LOTS of golf club patents in his name. In my opinion this is the single greatest point of differentiation between the two clubs. I don’t play clones because I can’t afford the name brands. Guys, I have a fairly unique perspective on this issue. Ever since the late 80’s and their gain in popularity and pro shop owners not happy with their profit margins on name brand clubs began selling clone golf clubs…golfers have always wondered. Both with graphite shafts, about $200 for the Giga Golf set, $800+ for the Ping’s. Snake Eyes clubs are very good. Have you read the above stated article I am talking about. It took 14 yrs before the OEM’s got hold of one of those and now they are all the rage. The right shaft for the player is far more important IMO. I have a set of irons by Affinity. Well today you’re going to find out once and for all. Snake Eyes SDF 8 iron and G Wedge Regular Flex Steel RH. Summing up what I said, clones made me a lot of money but I couldn’t sell them now due to pretty much zero qc on the part of the importers. Clone equipment is within the patent and trademark limits and for the reputable companies selling clones is 100% legal. I have seen some things that would shock you about the quality of some of the BIG name brand models. Looking at the group as a whole, we found that the Burner produced swing speeds that were on average 2.39 MPH faster than the “Heated” clone. OK, dianond tours own shaft in smoke is just gorgous,and cheap,(deep smoke,or gold) DT’s heads, and winn grips. If your shooting 92 at your home course with a set of Ping’s you can shoot a 92 with clones. So to sum it up, the component industry made a lot of the modern technology way before the major OEM’s had any of this gear which to me says that the component industry has a lot more First’s than any of the OEM’s put together. Paying full freight is worth it if the performance dictates. I have been playing with Snake Eyes Python O/S irons, Quick Strike 2 Hybrids and a Viper Ti 4 driver for about 18 months and they are all very good. Championship). Branded products are made with higher quality control, but mistakes still happen even with tighter controls, just not nearly as often. Note: The FTC considers the terms Clone and Knock-Off to be identical. If you line 50 men up of varying heights with hands at their sides you will find almost all, regardless of even 5’6″ or 6’6″, their hands will all be at about the same height. On average the apex of each shot was just slightly under 2.5 yards higher with the Burner, which along with higher ball and club head speeds explains the difference in carry yardage between the clubs. that would be true in large part. .every year get fever,and build a new set of irons,..its a lot of joy, looking at sites,picking the pieces, then having them built just for me. It would have been interesting to see how the original performed. . Even with a $2700 bag of Pings latest game improvement sticks. Orkut drivers = oem drivers. Secondly, please read Roy Nix’s article from the AGCP Who’s cloning who. So in a nutshell, the clones sound and feel like crap with less distance. I worked for Arnold Palmer Golf back in the dark ages and built and sold clones and knock offs for 20 years. Golfsmith operates over 40 retail stores nationwide, including “superstores” in Houston, Dallas, and Denver. . While the Burner produces a pleasant ting and outstanding feel at impact, the Heated was often described as clunky, almost heavy at impact. Unless its Oscar Peterson. As for the rest of the components that go into the club, some of the companies give you a choice of components. HeIl, we may even have completely different views on what “best” means. KZG couldn’t afford them. who would do that ? For those who want to play Knock-Offs, yes it is your “right”. But their stuff looks great and I've heard nothing but good reviews on them. Lynx, MacGregor, Zevo, and Snake Eyes are Golfsmith house brands. For me, I purchase OEM then if anything goes wrong I have a legitimate beef with the supplier. No one knows what they are. In fact, I enjoyed better le from my 302’s. The reasons are many why this topic has not been fully addressed and this is one of the reasons we felt so compelled to cover it for you. Wherever corners could be cut in the manufacturing process they were. Wanna buy some clubs? For 2 of the 3 testers, the Burner produced more spin, however; as we’ve suggested, not by any significant amount. Snake Eyes was a defunct manufacturer of clubs several years ago, and their assets were acquired by GolfSmith. Below is a lengthy paper that I previously wrote on the subject. Snake Eyes 600C £549(s) 3-PW Design and Tech Benefits Polished forged steel head with very shallow cavity and thin topline giving a classic look. Whether you are interested in purchasing your first set, upgrading your Driver or adding a new club to lower your scores Golf Warehouse has the selection and … which are probably built to higher and tighter specifications than are branded merchandise. One more thing, don't hesitate to ask me any questions you may have in the Feedback or comment sections of the sites mentioned above. But there really is no “best” answer… it’s all subjective. Why else would a top tier golf ball cost up to $5… maybe advertising and exorbitant overheads? Precise M7 Junior Complete Golf Club Set for Children Kids - 3 Age Groups - Right Hand. Has anyone ever stolen a customer of yours? Loads of projection and easy to get the ball airborne. I did my own work on the clubs, and if you as into golf as you sound, you could probably do the same for yourself. There is a difference in this world with having “the right” to do something, and doing something with honor. I’ve tried Hireko’s Green Ghost and Blue Crush and DTG’s FGS Nano and I’d put them up against anything out there. They are an excellent club, so forgiving on hits off the heal or toe. GS now sells the brand as a premium component, targeting club makers, I … Snake Eyes Right-Handed Golf Clubs. recently i decided to go the custom club route. You invest your time and should invest equally in your equipment. Looks As you might expect the Burner looks much more refined. When i get good i’ll probably be buying legit but golf is a pricey enough sport as it is so for now; CLONES ARE AWESOME! SWIFT) Determination of trademark infringement is tough to prove and costly. From what I understand, Bang Golf doesn’t make clones nor knock-offs. Thank you MGS for this great, unbiased comparison. “The assertion made that many Clones are made in the same factories as OEM clubs is unsubstantiated and simply incorrect.”. OK….today is going to be a good one golfspies! I found the Ping’s to be slightly easier to hit off of different lies and are less sensitive to slightly less then a good strike. I certainly believe there is little difference in shot results from an overall performance. It is the consumers who have the most power to affect change. What is legal is the generic look-alike that does not infringe on a company’s trademarks or patents. Some such as Geek don’t even sell irons. On the Heated it’s more noticeable, and perhaps even distracting. I started out 4 years ago with a Pinemeadow clone of the Callaway Big Bertha irons…then moved up to the actual Big Berthas and did feel and see some difference in overall quality….however I did have trouble with one of the Callaway stock graphite shafts which flaked and split on my 8 iron….my feeling is that it would be difficult for me to determine the difference in large part because at the time I was so new to golf.-and perhaps I was feeling more confident with an OEM in my bag……(FYI: I now play Nike long irons and Cleveland scoring clubs and love them! The one thing I’ve discovered is that there is a big difference between quality with regards to clone irons and woods. May 30, 2019 - Golf Products or packaging that I had a hand in designing. Make Offer - Snake Eyes 600T 8.5° Driver Golf Club W/ Longwood Stiff Shaft Snake Eyes 653T 11.5° Driver and 3 Driver 15 degree Golf Club Set Right Handed C $95.18 Tony is the Editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. They are owned by GolfSmith. Steve Almo is among the most knowledgible individuals I’ve ever met in the Golfing industry, and if I had to make a judgement on whose opinion was more accurate I’d have to support Mr. Almo every time. There are several hundred factories. Re: Old Smith & Wesson forged Snake Eyes vs New Forged Irons My personal opinion - probably heretical on this board - is that a lot of the older irons were terrific - well designed and well-made - and as good as or better than a lot of today's offerings (drivers and balls are a different story). It is just that simple! Lasers are used to copy the exterior of high selling clubs; again, there is no internal accuracy, nor the same construction, material or quality. He played 6 over par and was so accurate to the green and on the green. Within minutes a graphics designer at Yarn-Way had downloaded the logo from the TaylorMade shaft onto a computer screen and was making minor design and color alterations to it. Free Shipping. With a higher quality manufacturing process the clone design might actually work. The feel and feed back at impact is as good as any clubs I’ve played. I would like to see the stock shafts for each club tested. Make an Offer. They make their own designs. SWIFT) Golfsmith has acquired Lynx Golf, Inc., Snake Eyes Golf Club Inc., and Black Rock Corp, maker of the Killer Bee golf clubs. MyGolfSpy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The court ordered the defendants to pay $20,000 in damages to Callaway and to turn over their inventory of more than 11,500 infringing components for Callaway to destroy. However to say if we hit one thousand shots with the same club we can get a very good idea of our results. Discussion in 'Golf Equipment Talk' started by Louie_T07, Sep 19, 2008. Both sets have the same loft per club. There is so many aspects to playing this game, and so many different things that can effect how we play. I have used the big brands like TaylorMade, component brands like Golfsmith, and unbranded clone clubs. Snake Eyes 8-Iron Golf Clubs; Skip to page navigation. So you are saying that geek golf that you run is just a spin off as well. (Yes that myth is true), There are basically 3-tiers of golf club manufacturing to make it simple. And I have the benefit of custom fitting and the best components. I was looking at the 85 and 75g steel shafts also. Please read closer. For those interested in carry only, the Burner was 7.11 yards longer on average, which we think is significant. All three are quality products, at least as far as I can tell. Turner T7 that resembles a TaylorMade r7. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, (your email address will not be published), WE TRIED IT – Golf Pride Concept Helix Grip, First Look: Limited-Edition PING PLD Prime Tyne 4 Putter, WE TRIED IT – Boot Buddy Ultimate Boot Cleaning Tool, 2020 Most Wanted Super Game Improvement Iron, Srixon ZX Irons: Mainframe Goes Mainstream, http://www.diamondtour.com/golf-bags.html, http://www.pinemeadowgolf.com/golf-clubs/accessories/. I would love to see this same thing done with a set of irons. By far the best feeling head/shaft combo I’ve ever had. Instruction & Academy Rules of Golf and Etiquette Swing Videos and Comments Classifieds & ProShops . In 1992 he designed the first interchangeable shaft driver head as well. Essentially, you were saying that all clone companies operate in the same way. Today is the ultimate test: Clone Golf Clubs (vs) Name Brand Golf Clubs. I have built clubs as a hobby for some time and certainly am happy to hear your testing results on brand names vs. clones. Are shafts or heads manufactured to a large (+-) tolerance with the (-) tolerance being the norm or are the parts manufactured to close tolerances? It just isn’t very admirable.

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