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", (Scores are determined by averaging individual play test scores). He said, “I really really liked it on volley. The ultra 100 countervail is also one of the best men’s tennis racquet. We publish tennishead magazine & ‘The Bagel‘ newsletter & we have our own ‘tennishead CLUB‘ for those true tennis fans! The results were consistent, and when I played with a counterpunching mindset I always knew what shot I was going to get. ", The TW playtesters had some mixed results with the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail on serves. Raqueta De Tenis Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Aro: 100 in² / 645 cm² Longitud: 27in / 68,5cm Peso encordada: 318g Peso sin encordar: 300g Balance: 32c Quick View . At the same time, there was enough plow through for my serves to have power and weight behind them. The key for me was to choose smart targets. 2) A nova Ultra 100(300g) tem uma rigidez de 74, mas a tecnologia Countervail, realmente compensa, deixando a raquete mais confortável e com menos fadiga muscular. In addition, the Ultra 100 Countervail's 100 square inch head size, 11.2 oz strung weight and 320 swingweight are user friendly specs for a wide range of players. The Pure Drive remains one of my favorite serving racquets. Tutte le informazioni che cerchi in un unico sito di fiducia. ... テニスWilson Ultra 100 Countervail Tennis Racquet (4.25) Spearhead by 23-time Grand Slam champion, Serena Williams, is the Wilson Blade family. It was able to take the shock from heavy groundstrokes and allowed me to hit volleys with ease and comfort without sending any vibration up my arm”. I enjoyed a powerful yet controllable response. I really enjoyed just hitting groundstrokes. The more I played with it, the more I liked it. 2020-04-16 【yonex】vcore duel g 97 インプレ; 2020-06-18 【prince】ファントムグラファイト 新作ラケット情報【復活の107】 2019-11-13 【wilson】ultra tour 95cv インプレ 〜 錦織モデル… 2020-10-06 【babolat】ピュアアエロ vs 2020 インプレ [ハードルは高… Our players then moved up to the net to try out their volleys and touch shots with the Wilson Ultra 100. It definitely had some nice point-and-shoot qualities about it, so I could really hit my targets, and the open string pattern helped control my touch/drop volleys. When hitting overheads and serves our testers commented again on the feeling of power generation with Austin saying, “I started slicing the serve and hitting more spin to enable me to get more control on my serves”. However, with the addition of Countervail the Ultra 100 Countervail has a completely different feel. I actually liked that it wasn't as free wheeling with the power because if I wasn't feeling quite on top of my game I didn't need to reel in my targeting as much as I did with the Pure Drive. ", "Although I was finding plenty of power from the baseline, I wasn't getting the pace as consistently or as easily as I expected on serves," critiqued Tiffani. ", Jason felt comfortable hitting with the Ultra 100 Countervail from the first swing. Wilson ultra 100 countervail. It can get pushed around a bit on the big first serves, but a little tungsten tape will fix that. I found this to have pros and cons. Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Racquet Review - Tennis Warehouse … However, when I tried to add pace and step inside the baseline I struggled to be precise with the Ultra 100 Countervail. That was also the case on volleys and returns, where the TW playtesters found easy access to power and depth but found themselves aiming for larger targets to keep their shots in the court. Alles erdenkliche was auch immer du zum Thema Wilson Ultra 100 erfahren wolltest, findest du bei uns - sowie die besten Wilson Ultra 100 Produkttests. Le migliori offerte per Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail in Tennis sul primo comparatore italiano. Vorrei chiederti cosa ne pensi di questa scelta e quali differenze ci sono tra la Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail e la Wilson Ultra 100, entrambe da 300gr. https://tennishead.net/wilson-ultra-100-tennis-racket-review Wilson are the most widely played rackets worldwide in no small part thanks to a certain Roger Federer who’s been their biggest fan and marketing asset for his whole career. Voici selon moi la nouveauté la plus intéressante sur cette raquette, en tout cas celle qui selon moi a le plus d'impact sur les sensations de jeu. Price : 250€ Derniers Cordages A Vendre. Here’s what happened…. I think adding weight in the hoop would help with this. While the lively response and overall control was consistent and comfortable from the baseline, it felt even better at the net. It felt extremely comfortable to swing and I was able to control my serves in general. Discover the Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail and find other tennis racquets that help your tennis game on Tennisletics. 10/16/2020 Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail. ", Tiffani- "I enjoyed the first iteration of the Ultra 100, and I like the Ultra 100 Countervail as well. This played to my strengths. ", Tiffani- "The Ultra 100 Countervail offered power, but it was controllable power. I would've preferred a bit more heft in the hoop to help with knifing my slices, and adding more weight would also shore up some slight instability issues on off-center shots. Les nouveautés Design Uncontaminated. I didn't feel as confident going for riskier shots so I was pulling back and going for safer shots. Ce matériau a pour but de permettre une excellente absorption des vibrations RAQUETTE WILSON ULTRA 100 COUNTERVAIL (300 GR) RAQUETTE WILSON ULTRA 100 CV Optez pour une raquette ultra stylée ! I wouldn't say it was the fastest racquet up at net, but it was quick enough for me to get it into position on fast reflex volley exchanges, and it still had stability when I had to return a hard hit passing shot. Wilson is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines ... Ultra 100 v3 Tennis Racket. Test de la raquette de tennis Wilson Ultra 100 CV (Countervail) - … Wilson Blade Rackets . This racquet didn't feel as powerful as the new Pure Drive that I also tested recently, but the power was plenty enough for me. My directional control suffered, I lost stability and it took a lot of work to get extra pace on the ball to end points. The feedback on the design of the Wilson Ultra 100 was mixed with Helena really liking the colour scheme but Austin explained his personal preference was for matt colour schemes rather than metallic. All-new power technologies create shots that overwhelm opponents while newly added Countervail Technology maxes out a player’s energy. ", The specs of the Ultra 100 Countervail are right where Brittany likes them to be, so it was no surprise that this racquet was easy for her to pick up and use right away. Tiffani compared this racquet to the previous Ultra 100 as well as a racquet with similar specs. Finley was the most enthusiastic about this frame when volleying. Unsere Mitarbeiter begrüßen Sie zum großen Vergleich. This version played a lot like the previous versions, but it's slightly better in almost every area, including feel. She praised, "I thought the low stability would carry over to the net, but I had no stability issues and had a lot of success volleying with the Ultra 100 Countervail. I knew exactly what to expect at contact, and although muted, the feel on the serve felt good on my arm. *This racket … I don't mind the dampened feel because I think it adds comfort, but because I was already struggling with directional control, I was craving more connection to the ball at times. You can’t please them all! The spin potential also allowed me to hit more angled groundstrokes and have my groundstrokes drop in right in front of the baseline. Il test della nuova Wilson Ultra 100 V3 recensione completa: https://tennistaste.com/wilson-ultra-100-v3 I found my serve could be a weapon, and I was very confident going after my first serves from the very first point to the last. I like to aim deep down the middle to return first serves, so I didn't have to worry about losing control. ", Hannah was craving a little more accuracy from the Ultra 100 Countervail on serves. Ultra Spin. Wilson Ultra 100 Countervail Reverseテニスラケット. Other racquets that play like the Ultra 100 Countervail include the Babolat Pure Drive, Prince Textreme Warrior 100, Tecnifibre TFlash 300 and Yonex VCORE SV 100. Wilson delivers on both promises with the new Ultra 100 Countervail. I found a nice combination of power and spin on my returns, resulting in my shots landing closer to the baseline. ", Hannah- "The performance didn't necessarily vary a whole lot from my experience with the previous iteration of the Ultra 100. ", Brittany- "I thought this was an excellent update to the previous models (Ultra and Juice). The ‘Sweet Spot Channel’ is basically a hole in the frame that means the cross strings are longer. tennishead gathered four of our most experienced all court play testers for this session as we really wanted to put the Wilson Ultra 100 through it’s paces with hitters whose games closely match the specification provided by the manufacturer. ", Brittany- "I liked the power, maneuverability and spin potential. She stated, "This racquet was a good mix of power and control for me on returns. I just needed to keep it simple and block the shots back into the court. I really like volleying with this racquet; it was maneuverable and blocked back shots really well. The Ultra 100 Countervail promises 300 grams of pure power. ", Hannah- "The Ultravail 100 Countervail is a comfortable option that does everything well. Grato. This racquet fits the bill for someone looking for consistency. Actual sales may not have occurred at this price. She currently plays with the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19 (Project One7). For whatever reason, I hit with more spin with the original version, but that could come down to string choice since my PlaySight numbers were not drastically different. All Rights Reserved. Softer response than previous model. Wilson sell all their rackets from their own website and the two rackets we tested are available now to purchase: We’ve been the World’s leading destination for tennis fans & players for 15 years with the best news, analysis, opinion, writers, tennis racket & gear reviews, videos, competitions & social media commentary. ", Brittany- "I would have liked a little more control and feel, especially when I was going for riskier shots, as I felt a little disconnected. However, the Ultra 100 Countervail offered more consistency as well as decent power and spin. Please contact Customer Service at 1-800-401-7967, if you have any issues accessing information on this website. I found the directional and depth control to be great from the net, and I really enjoyed volleying with this update. Finley, Austin, Helena and Liam are all confident grinding it out from the baseline or looking to finish the point quickly in the forecourt so they were excited to try these new frames. I did notice the racquet twisting in my hand a couple of times when I made contact, but it didn't occur often enough to make me worry about it. Due to minimal extra weight, you will have more winners, precise baseline shots and impressive volleys. ", Jason- "The Ultra 100 Countervail played nearly identical to the previous Ultra 100, but it's more muted and slightly more powerful. "I found the response to be consistent off the strings, granting me good control, especially when I was drilling. He commented, "Since it has very similar specs to my own racquet, the Babolat Pure Strike 16x19, I was able to transition seamlessly into the Ultra 100 Countervail. Wilson's all new Design DNA, customized by you! The Ultra 100 CV blends game-changing power and versatility for aspiring players of all levels and styles. Hannah: Open level player with a semi-western forehand and two-handed backhand. Ultra 100L v3 Tennis Racket. An ‘Integrated Perimeter Weighting System’s’ aim is to spread the power across a larger area of strings allowing for more power no matter where on the strings you contact the ball. The large sweetspot, excellent maneuverability and access to spin allowed for an overall pleasant experience. Ho provato la Ultra 100L (277gr) e l’ho trovata sicuramente più “facile” da usare, ma forse troppo leggera. Countervail. Wilson is committed to achieving Level AA conformance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and achieving compliance with other accessibility standards. The feel of the new Ultra 100 Countervail is muted, offering less connection to ball on contact compared to the previous version. The Wilson Ultra tennis racket forms an integral part of the Wilson portfolio and caters for the full range of playing standards from beginners to advanced, so when we heard that the frame had been updated with new technology for 2020 we decided to give the racket the full treatment of a tennishead play test and review. I think I only missed one or two serves out of the first 20 I hit with the Ultra 100 Countervail. I'm an aggressive baseliner, and these other racquets offered more power and precision. Makes my arm hurt just by reading it. It offers exceptional power and … 2020年3月、ウィルソンから待望の新作『ultraシリーズ』が発売されますので、最新情報をお伝えしていきます。ウルトラv3.0の特徴や前作との性能比較から今作は何が違うのか、おすすめプレーヤーなどを現役コーチが解説していきます。ーこんな方 I could feel the ball really pocket into the stringbed, which gave my slice and kick serves some bite. Brittany was impressed when serving. "I enjoyed how aggressive I could be and how deep my returns were landing. Le Design de cette nouvelle Wilson Ultra 100 reprend le design déjà utilisé pour les nouvelles Wilson Pro Staff, Wilson Burn et Wilson Blade, avec des couleurs différentes. Offering a tantalizing mix of precision, feel, control, and spin, these rackets are extremely popular the world over. Compared to other Wilson racquets I've playtested this year, I prefer the Pro Staff 97 and the Blade 98 over the Ultra 100 Countervail. Friends that know my game very well say that they've never seen me hit with this much control and consistency. Quick View ... Ultra 95 Countervail Tennis Racket. It's also comparable to the Yonex DR 100 or Babolat Pure Strike 16x19. Keep up to date with the breaking news & tennis action at our, Check out the latest tennis racket & equipment with our, Read in depth features with stunning photography in, Check out our guide on how to watch tennis on TV, EXCLUSIVE 5% DISCOUNT for all tennishead readers on tennis rackets, balls, clothing, shoes & accessories with All Things Tennis, Babolat Pure Drive 2021 tennis racket review, Babolat Pure Strike 100 tennis racket review. For a detailed explanation of each racket measurement criteria below have a read of our guide. I like to step in on serve returns and either go deep up the middle or pull my opponent off the court with an angle, and the Ultra 100 Countervail didn't give me a lot of options to do that. Austin said he “didn’t find the racket stiff at all. I think that the addition of Countervail and the Crush Zone grommets help provide a softer response in comparison to the previous model. These characteristics and the above average maneuverability allowed me to simply get the racquet in place and execute effective point and shoot volleys. $189.00. He explained, "The easy maneuverability really allowed me to go after a variety of serves. Not according to our testers who were all good standard players that have no problem generating their own power. $199.00. Unsere Redakteure haben es uns zur Kernaufgabe gemacht, Ware aller Art zu checken, damit Sie als Interessierter Leser unmittelbar den Wilson Ultra 100 kaufen können, den Sie als Kunde für geeignet halten. The Wilson Ultra 100 CV is “ultra stiff” on paper with its listed RA rating (from TW) of 72 strung. It felt slightly more sluggish than the older model. Wilson Ultra 100 v3 Tennis Racquet New for 2020, version 3 of the Ultra 100 upgrades two important performance features for players who tend to have a more classic horizontal swing: power & stability. She shared, "I thought Wilson did a great job creating an excellent combination of maneuverability and plow through. I loved how easy it was to swing this racquet, and to generate both power and spin. "Most of the time I spent serving with this racquet I was switching between it and the Pure Drive, and it just wasn't a fair fight in the power department. All content copyright 2017 Tennis Warehouse.

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