Blueberry Soda

  • Base Spirit Blueberry Juice (N/A)
  • Preparation Soda Siphon
  • Flavor Refreshing
  • Served Other Oddities

This delicious blueberry soda is perfect for a mixed drink or a quick cool down. The drink was created by Nick Detrich while experimenting with clarified juices from a Spinzall.

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Blueberry Soda
  1. Incorporate ingredients and then pour into a 1L Soda Siphon.
  2. Add 4 1" ice cubes. Seal and use a CO2 cartridge to charge then decompress.
  3. Then charge two more times and shake until the ice melts.
  4. Enjoy by itself or with a little gin or vodka. I poured 1.5oz of Hat Trick Gin in 4 oz of Blueberry soda.

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