Caorunn Calling

  • Base Spirit Gin
  • Preparation Muddled
  • Flavor Floral
  • Served On the Rocks

This clever nod to The Clash is the brainchild of Chris ‘Scooby’ Olivier of The Tasting Room at Rock Brothers in Tampa, FL for the Caorunn Gin 10 Year Switch.

“The concept behind this cocktail was to showcase ingredients that are staples and icons of Scotland. The gin itself should be the highlight as the ingredients it’s made with are symbolic of the landscape.  Scotland is rich in drinking history with Scotch, just as America is with bourbon,” detailed Olivier. “The distinctive spirits of each country have storied ties that paint a picture of the landscapes they come from. So, it seemed fitting to make a riff on an old fashioned as Caorunn is made by a distillery known for producing Scotch, and an old fashioned is made traditionally with a bourbon.  This always allows the cocktail to show hints of bright and lightness vastly different from the grays of the Scottish country side. The cocktail should evoke imagery of a holiday.”

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Caorunn Calling
  1. Muddle the bitters, extract and lavender syrup with orange and grapefruit zest.
  2. Add Caorunn then one large ice cube and stir in a double rocks glass.
  3. Garnish with a twist of grapefruit and orange wrapped around a dandelion leaf

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