Champagne Cocktail (H. Johnson)

  • Base Spirit Champagne
  • Preparation The Rest
  • Flavor Fruity
  • Served Up

The Champagne Cocktail has been a standard since the 19th Century, which is exactly when this recipe was published. This particular recipe was first recorded by Harry Johnson in the 1882 version of his The New and Improved Illustrated Bartenders’ Manual: Or: How to Mix Drinks in the Present Style. Most contemporary versions use less fruit and sub in simple syrup for loaf sugar.

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Champagne Cocktail (H. Johnson)
  1. Johnson writes, "In mixing all the different cocktails, it is proper to fill the mixing tumbler with fine shaved or broken ice, before putting in any of the ingredients; as it has a much better appearance, but in mixing a Champagne Cocktail it is the proper way of having two er three lumps of clear crystal ice, place them on the bottom of your glass."
  2. Sugar, orange, strawberries, and pineapple are now added to the glass (in that order).
  3. As per Johnson, "Fill the Champagne Cocktail glass with wine, stir up well with a spoon."
  4. Garnish with lemon peel.
Recipe Notes

Johnson notes, "If it should happen, as it is often the case, that a party of two or three should enter the barroom, and call for a Champagne Cocktail, the proper way would be for a bartender to inquire what kind of wine they desire; a small bottle being sufficient for three cocktails, and also see that the sugar is handled at all times with a pair of tongues, and the fruit with a fork ; this is strictly to be observed in mixing the above drink."

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