Chartreuse Hot Cocoa

  • Base Spirit Chartreuse
  • Preparation Mixed
  • Flavor Warm
  • Served Hot

This simple combination suggested by Chartreuse brand ambassador Matt Lofink is easy and surprisingly tasty. “It’s really, really simple and fun, a favorite of mine… but maybe I’m a little biased,” commented Lofink.

Nope. Our unbiased NP staff can verify that that the flavors mesh seamlessly pricing a nice burst of warmth on a chilly day.

If you’re looking to get real experimental, Lofink recommends adding a little red wine as well. “It’s a highly underrated twist. Just a little bit, gives it a dry berry type of flavor,” he added.

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Chartreuse Hot Cocoa
  1. Prepare hot cocoa per your favorite recipe (or packet) and pour in mug.
  2. Add Chartreuse and give it a stir.

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