Cranberry Sauce 75
    Cranberry Sauce Syrup
    The Drink
    Cranberry Sauce
    1. Combine water and cranberries, cinnamon and all spice berries.
    2. Cook on medium heat in a small sauce pot until cranberries are soft and utterly destroyed. Press the cranberries against the side of the pot. Strain through a sieve and measure out one cup of the cranberry water.
    3. Add it to the vinegar and and sugar and stir to incorporate.
    4. Bottle and chill in the fridge until its as cold as possible.
    The Drink
    1. In the champagne vessel of your choice (I like the coupe or stemmed flute) add 1/2 oz of the cranberry sauce syrup and top with 4.5 oz good dry champagne or white sparkling wine.
    2. A cinnamon stick for garnish is garish, but appropriate.
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