Dagobah Dip

Photo credit: Georgina Rose
  • Base Spirit Rum
  • Preparation Swizzle
  • Flavor Refreshing
  • Served On the Rocks

The perfect refreshing beverage after a few laps through the swamp with a 900 year old goblin on your back! With rum and chartreuse plus lots of citrus for pop, this Nick Detrich proto-tiki libation will have you feeling the force. Just be responsible and put those keys away; the Kessel Run will have to wait.

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Dagoobah Dip
Falernum Infused Gummies
Falernum Infused Gummies
  1. Mix ingredients and ice in a Collins Glass.
  2. Swizzle.
  3. Garnish with R2D Gummy.
Falernum Infused Gummies
  1. Put lime zest, ginger, and cloves into a jelly bag.
  2. Submerge in coconut water. Bring to simmer.
  3. Let simmer five minutes.
  4. Pull the jelly bag and add the Agar Agar.
  5. Whisk for about a minute.
  6. Line your gummy molds with coconut oil.
  7. Freeze for about 20 minutes.
  8. ... Or you can just submerge dummies in falernum for 4-5 hours... but it will not taste as good.

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