Hyena Fang

  • Base Spirit Mezcal
  • Preparation Build-In-Glass
  • Flavor Citrus & Nuts
  • Served On the Rocks

The Hyena’s Fang was created by Marshall Davis (Gallo Pelón Mezcaleria, Raleigh, N.C.) for the inaugural Sombra Mezcal sustainable cocktail competition and bagged the grand prize.

“Marshall’s drink, the Hyena Fang, was really the most creative that we saw in the competition,” said judges Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths of Trash Tiki. “The way he used the peanut shells to salt-infuse the Zucca was such a rad idea and one that we had never seen before. His use of amontillado sherry to pick up on the nuttiness and grapefruit oleo to balance the whole thing out was so unlike anything else we saw in the competition and ended up really delicious!”

Davis was particularly excited about the peanut element. “Peanuts are a big crop here in North Carolina, so I like to use them in cocktails as much as possible,” says Davis. “In the Hyena Fang, we’re using every part of the peanut to enhance the natural earthiness and nuttiness of Sombra Mezcal. The salt component also helps complement Sombra’s pepper and citrus notes, while balancing out the bitterness in the amaro. The other sustainable ingredient is our grapefruit oleo-saccharum, which utilizes the peels from the juicing we do on a daily basis for our Paloma.”

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Hyena Fang
  1. Build drink in rocks glass. Add bitters and oleo-saccharum first, then lower a large ice cube into the glass.
  2. Add sherry, salted Zucca and peanut-infused Sombra Mezcal.
  3. Stir until diluted and chilled.
  4. Taste for balance.
  5. Garnish with a trimmed, expressed grapefruit peel.
Recipe Notes
*Peanut-Infused Sombra Mezcal
-Shell 1 cup salted, shell-on peanuts.
-Reserve shells for salted Zucca.
-Combine shelled nuts and 0.75 liter Sombra Mezcal in a glass infusion jar and let sit for 48 hours. Strain through a nut milk bag. 
**Salted Zucca Rabarbaro Amaro
-Add 1 cup of peanut shells to an ISI charger and whip twice with 16 oz of Zucca for 30 seconds first, 5 minutes second.
-Strain through a nut milk bag.
***Grapefruit Scrap Oleo-Saccharum
-Peel 12 grapefruits, the smaller the shards, the better, leaving as much pith behind as possible.
-Place the peels in a stainless steel bowl and cover with sugar, about 1.5 cups. Gently knead the sugar into the peels by hand or with a muddler. 
-Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for 24 to 48 hours. If residual sugar remains, add a few drops of hot water until it is all dissolved.
-Strain off the solids and refrigerate.

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