Pure Berry

  • Base Spirit Gin
  • Preparation Shaken
  • Flavor Refreshing
  • Served Up

Created by Jacee Coelho of Travelle in Chicago, IL for the Caorunn Gin 10 Year Switch.

Coelho says her inspiration for the Pure Berry cocktail came from “the mass amount of beautiful green fields in Scotland and the natural fruits that grow in them. The name Pure Berry comes from the saying Pure Barry. In an attempt to nod at all things good in life.”

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Pure Berry
  1. Muddle the blackberries in vanilla syrup.
  2. Build ingredients dry in a shaker.
  3. Add 1-inch cubed ice and double shake with the egg white.
  4. Double strain into a coupe glass.
  5. Garnish with Lemon Swath Curve & Blackberry.

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