Riff Raff

  • Base Spirit Bourbon
  • Preparation Stirred
  • Flavor Boozy
  • Served Up

Aaron Polsky—Bar Manager of LA’s Harvard and Stone—created the Riff Raff, a boozy, stirred number that features two types of Italian amari, orange bitters, sweet vermouth and a high-rye bourbon. “I think that a great way to showcase high rye bourbon is to focus on the orange and cardamom notes and make them pop,” he says. “I tend to gravitate towards Old Grand Dad 100 proof, a new addition to a brand that’s long been a favorite. The Amaro Sfumato adds a touch of smoke, the orange and cardamom in the Regan’s [orange bitters] brings out those notes in the bourbon, and the Montenegro acts to brighten it up.”

–Brett Moskowitz @bmoskowitz

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Riff Raff
  1. Stir over ice until chilled.
  2. Serve either up in a coupe or over ice in a rocks glass.
  3. Garnish with an orange peel.

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