Smokey Paloma

  • Base Spirit Agave Distillates
  • Preparation Mixed
  • Flavor Refreshing
  • Served In Bottle

This is the perfect go to for the beach house, because you can do all of your work ahead of time, and keep the bottles on ice or in the fridge.  Just crack it open and it’s ready to drink from the bottle, or you can rim a glass with chili, salt, and lime to spice it up a bit.

Photo by Alejandro Linares Garcia [CC4.0]

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Smokey Paloma
  1. Open up the bottle of Squirt, and drink a swig, then pour the other ingredients into the bottle. If you have a crown capper, you can cap it and keep it chilled to serve later.
  2. If you must, you can mix the ingredients in a Collins glass and add ice.

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