Tommy’s Margarita

Alcohol Drink Margarita Tropical Lime Cocktail
  • Base Spirit Tequila
  • Preparation Shaken
  • Flavor Refreshing / Citrusy
  • Served Up

The Tommy’s Margarita is perhaps the most applauded iteration of the classic. As per the name, the drink can trace it origin to Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco. In 1965, Elmy and Tommy Bermejo opened the iconic Bay restaurant. By 1990, their son, Julio Bermejo, was working at the establishment and experimenting with agave nectar. The younger Bermejo discovered that using agave nectar in the cocktail allowed the base spirit (Tommy’s has a renowned selection of 100+ agave distillates) really shine. The rest is history; today, Bermejo, a respected leader in the field runs the family business, and his margarita is mixed in thousands of bars around the world.

NOTE: As mentioned, the intent of this formula is highlight the base spirit. That means, you really can’t skimp and use subpar tequila here.

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Tommy's Margarita
  1. Shake and serve up or on the rocks.
  2. Garnish with lime.
  3. The salt is up to you.

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