Tuxedo No. 2

  • Base Spirit Gin
  • Preparation Stirred
  • Flavor Boozy
  • Served Up

According to Dave Wondrich, the Tuxedo is named for a fancy 1880’s country club, the Tuxedo Club,  not the formalwear. The Tuxedo began as more of a school of cocktails, riffs-on-riffs. Wildly different recipes appeared in early tomes such as Tim Daly’s 1903 Daly’s Bartender Encyclopedia and Harry McElhone’s 1927 Barflies & Cocktails. In 1930, a revised version of McElhone’s specs appeared in Harry Craddock’s seminal The Savoy Cocktail Book. That version has provided the standard ever since. The Savoy was also the first to list the other variations calling them both Tuxedos… Hence the No.2 part.


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Tuxedo #2 Martini
  1. Stir ingredients with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.
  2. Garnish to taste with a cherry or twist.

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By Neat Pour Staff