White Lady (Cocktail Codex, Classic)

  • Base Spirit Gin
  • Preparation Shaken
  • Flavor Refreshing / Citrusy
  • Served Up

This is a classic take on a Sidecar where the Cognac is replaced by gin. The ratio is changed to allow the gin to stand up to the Cointreau and a bit more simple syrup is included as well. The egg white adds volume which “spreads the cocktail’s flavor throughout.”

Recipe from the James Beard and Spirited Awards winning Cocktail Codex, buy the full book here.

–Brett Moskowitz

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White Lady (Cocktail Codex,
  1. Dry shake all the ingredients, then shake again with ice.
  2. Double strain into a chilled coupe.
  3. Express the lemon twist over the glass then set it on the edge of the glass.

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