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A browsable compendium of the world’s knowledge of spirits, wine, beer, coffee, tea & more.

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Chile has a long history of wine production. It all began in the 16th Century when Spanish conquistadors introduced wine grapes and…

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Dry Vermouth

Dry Vermouths vary by distiller, but some common tastes, such as the signature wormwood, can be found in most. Orange peels, sweet caramel, bitterness, forest herbs, and a little bit of saline can be tasted in most. French, dry vermouths are marked by an added bitterness.

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Quick Sips: Galliano is a traditional Italian herbed liqueur. It’s kind of like an Amaro, but much, much sweeter. The bouquet, taste, and…

American Pale Ales

American Pale Ales are marked by their floral, fruity (citrus heavy,) flavors and medium body.


England played essential roles in the development of several beverages. The isle contributed to spread of drinks like wine, tea, and rum,…

Golden Ale

English Golden Ales are far more balanced than their cousins, IPA’s with far less bitterness. However, they still offer a moderately hoppy taste with some bitterness and almost none of the caramel tastes familiar in many beers. Very little maltiness. The finish skews towards dry.