Amaro Montenegro

Quick Sips: Amaro Montenegro is one of the most popular amari in the world. Made with a molasses base, Montenegro has a bittersweet quality that makes it as versatile as it is delicious. Of course, there is plenty of orange peel, coriander, cherry, black pepper, and licorice root to fill out the flavor.


Uses: In Italy, Montenegro is carried in nearly every bar. It is ubiquitous. Montenegro is an aperitif and digestif in Italy, taken before and after meals. In the United States, it adapts to a cocktail culture, and is more typically stocked at cocktail bars.


Backstory: The original creator of the Amaro Montenegro, Stanislao Cobianchi, was a young man destined for the priesthood, who instead was seduced by alchemy and alcohol. After traveling the Balkans, he distilled forty herbs and botanicals from the surrounding farmlands of his home in Bologna, Italy, and named it for the Princess Elena of Montenegro. With four million liters produced annually, their supply has turned more global these days. “We buy our herbs from traders all over the world. We visit the farmers, we look over the botanicals and choose the best ones for our product”.

Amaro Montenegro uses the same forty herbs and botanicals that were part of that original 1885 recipe and it still uses the same extraction process. 

(Entry by Matt Ray)

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