Mezcal Vago Espadín

Quick Sips: Citrus, flint, grass, and heat hit you immediately with a strong bouquet. Calcium, plantains, and caramel dominate the taste with sweetness extending into a medium finish.

Uses: Vigo’s products are great and can all stand alone as sippers. However, the Espadin is also great for cocktails. We particularly like to use it for riffs on Golden Era classics and Prohibition Era gin drinks. (Yeah, we know the latter sounds strange, but give it a shot!)

Production: Aquilino Garcia Lopez’s family has been making mescal for more generations than they can remember. He cultivates his Espadin in the hills above his palenque in the small village of Candeleria Yegole, located on the border of the Central Valley and Sierra Sur regions of Oaxaca. Yegole is an arid region of Oaxaca, yet sits on the confluence of two rivers. The dry environment, coupled with ample fresh water make it the ideal location for making mezcal.

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