Rhum Agricole

(Photo by Gael Chardon)

Agricole Rhum is a French product from the nation’s territories in the West Indies such as Martinique, Guadeloupe, St. Martin, and Saint Barthelemy still under the jurisdiction of the official AOC system. It is made with sugar cane as opposed to molasses providing a unique flavor.

Some Agricoles are produced in the mountains, like Neisson, and others are produced near the oceans like Clement and La Favorite. The distinct terroirs make for two very different flavor profiles in the rhums.

Quick Sips: Agricole Rhums tend to be grassy with vanilla, white chocolate, and truffle notes. They are considerably more balanced and less booze forward than their English peers.

Production: The French influence is all over the production process.

  • Unlike may other rums, Agricole Rhum is always pure. French law prohibits the addition of any sugar, flavoring, or caramel coloring.
  • Due to the French influence, terroir is always in the discussion when Agricoles are involved.
  • The Agricole can be decoded to learn classifications and points of origin like a French wine.
  • And, yes, that extra “h” in rhum is the French spelling.


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