Quick Sips: Very vegetal often with hints of chocolate or black mole on the nose. Agave is always present in tequila; it’s trademark flavors of roasted caramel with notes of roasted corn, citrus, Mexican Oregano, and pepper common in tequilas.

ApplicationsIf you can find good tequila, drink it neat. Blanco Tequila and Margaritas are one and the same. Otherwise, most cocktail manifestations of the spirit are a few Modern Classics like the Penicillin Np. 2 and a recent contemporary trend.

Production: Tequila, like cuisine Mezcal, is subject to a strict set of government regulations dictating region, plant, and even packaging.

  • Tequila can only made from one agave varietal: Blue Weber Agave. Like Mescal, it can only be produced in certain areas: the state of Jalisco and designated areas within Guanajuato, Michoacán, Nayarit, and Tamaulipas.
  • Traditionally, tequila pints were roasted in brick ovens. In the contemporary era, most pines are roasted in enclave ovens. The enclave ovens apply more heat in a shorter time, cutting the roasting process in half.
  • Every bottle of tequila is assigned a Norma Oficial Mexicana or NOM number by law. These numbers correspond exactly to the distillery (as well as the brand) where the tequila was produced. Fun exercise: Checking NOM numbers often reveals that your favorite big brand tequilas are made at multiple different distilleries… or that your favorite small brand tequilas are all made at the same distillery.)


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